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GOD Can Be Your Coach at Work 12-WEEK PROGRAM

Invite the Divine into Your Workplace to Produce Success, Enjoyment, and Fulfillment

Do you want to Do More Meaningful (Life) Work & Live More Abundantly?

Do you Feel Called to Help Others with Your Unique Gifts & Work?

Would You Like to Feel a Greater Sense of Purpose in the Work You Do?

And are you open to Inviting & EXPERIENCING Divine Connection, Guidance & Support to Make This All Happen?



Invite Divine Guidance & Support Into Your Work to Create Greater Impact & Income

Overcome Distractions & Focus Better on the Work that Expresses Your Gifts

Do Your Life Work While You Pay Your Bills & Live Abundantly

Engage Your Body, Heart, Mind, AND Spirit in Your Work


A Common Problem for So Many of Us - Believing the Divine Doesn't Care About Work

Somewhere in human history many of us decided that the divine does not care about how we make a living.

We told ourselves the divine was only concerned with “spiritual” matters and not concerned with “materialistic” things such as work.

Few of us fully live our highest spiritual values in our workplace.

This is a common source of frustration, guilt, shame, and dissatisfaction for billions of us.

What if the divine actually wants us to experience life, love, joy, fulfillment, and abundance inside and outside our work?

What if the divine cares about our work simply because the divine cares about us?

If that’s the case, then when we want help succeeding in the working would, we simply need to ask for help.

There is no question we can ask, no problem we can face that the divine is unable or unwilling to help us with.

The decision to ask for help or not is up to us.

This course is an invitation to work WITH the Divine to create Divinely-Inspired results for you and the world.



12-Part / 12-Week Divinely-Inspired Life Coaching Program

Focus is On…

  1. Your Relationship with the Divine & Your Work

  2. Doing Your Life Work (at Work or Outside of It)

  3. Sharing Your Greatest Gifts & Making Money


Program Tools

  1. Weekly Experiential Exercises

  2. 20-Year Vision & 90-Day Focus

  3. Program Workbook & Daily Journal


Ideally Suited for

  • Divine Follower or Curious to Know the Divine

  • Employees, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Business Owners


This Can Help Make Great Positive Shifts for People Who...

  • Don’t Enjoy Their Work...

  • Are Tired of Doing Work that Feels Meaningless...

  • Feel Low Levels of Motivation to Thrive & Excel at Work...

  • And Feel Called to Create Something Much Better.


Open Your Work to Divine Inspiration

- What Possibilities Might a Divine Relationship Open Up for Your Work that Have Been Unavailable in the Past?

- How Much More Powerful Could Your Work Be if the Divine Played a Bigger Role in Your Life?

- How Many More People Could You Help?

- How Much More Income Could You Make & Share?


Are You Ready to Get Started?