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Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is

A Simple Guide to Spending Your Money, Time & Life Purposefully

Learn how to free up additional time, money and energy by redefining your relationships with money, time, people, and things.

We can do many things to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. One way is to share our own personal success stories, things that have worked for us. Put Your Money Where Your Soul Is attempts to do just that. On the surface it may appear to be very similar to other books of this nature. However, as a reader, I believe this book has a unique ability to help people easily make positive and lasting changes in their lives.

I have often read books which are either too far advanced for me or require too large of a jump from my present way of thinking, feeling and being. I have felt called by the author to become very brave, very quickly in order to make a very significant change. The dramatic changes promised would not be necessary if I were already so courageous.

This book can help you take the first simple steps towards improving your life. You can make these changes without leaving your home, your job, your school or your loved ones. These basic first steps will lay the solid foundation for creating the world of your dreams while you enjoy your current situation.

We can choose to be happy today regardless of our circumstances (though this may present a greater challenge for some than for others). At the same time, we can begin transforming our lives into the grandest reality of our boldest dreams.

The following story is the beginning of one person’s journey towards greater fulfillment in life. The character desires a better life and has signed up for a weekend growth workshop. Throughout the weekend, this character will hear different speakers, interact with other participants, and share thoughts with the reader. It is my intention for you to see a bit of yourself in each of the participants and benefit from their wisdom and insight.

Enjoy your journey, Wade

"Wade does an awesome job at getting the gears turning in your own life. He emphasizes his points with an easily digestible anecdote throughout the book. The questions at the end of each chapter are worth running through, as they will help you align your goals with your ideal lifestyle! "

Kevin Mathew Galang
CPQ Sales Engineer | Note Investor | Podcast Host

"A practical guide to understanding time and money. This book is thought and soul provoking with practical hands on tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Thank you Wade for caring and sharing. "

Josette Veltri
Career Development Coach & Transition Specialist at Next Step, New Start

"Easy to follow, actionable takeaways! I love this book! Wade does an amazing job breaking down financial barriers and bringing out aha moments. But you're not left wondering what's next. He gives you easy to follow, actionable takeaways. Easy read, highly recommend it! "

Amazon Reader

"This book holds an excellent message about following your heart, and making a living while doing it. I liked the graphs "

Traci Hall
Amazon Reader

"Food for thought and right action December. This book offers nutritious food for thought and right action. We've all heard the phrase that time is money. Well if you value your time, then be mindful of how you use your money too. If you waste your money, you waste the time and energy that it took to make that money. And this is relevant to relationships too. Who do you chose to spend your time with? What is most fulfilling for you? What are your needs and how can they best be fulfilled in relationships, in work, in all that you do? How can we comfortably ease into retirement and have more time to do the things we want to do while we're still able? These are some of the thoughts, questions, (and good answers to these questions) that came to me as I read this excellent little book. And it's worth much more that the price you'll pay and the time you'll spend reading it. Develop a relationship with this book and you'll benefit and grow."

Fred P. Gallo, PhD
Author of "Energy Psychology"

"Wade Galt is the kind of friend and advisor we all hope to encounter, someone who cares about his own life direction as well as showing the desire to share his insights with those open to change. He demonstrates how by paying attention to the way we spend money and our time, our life can be significantly enhanced by examining and prioritizing our time and our spiritual energy. His use of a story, as always, clarifies his advice. This is a very valuable companion to assist each of us as we tread through these fragile times. Highly Recommended."

Grady Harp
Amazon Reader

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